Welcome to the Future of Content Delivery

A new day is dawning. The next generation of streaming content and applications requires a shift to a new architecture and business model for service providers.

The Shift is Here

The way we consume video has changed and content delivery must change with it

Soccer team celebrating

Peak Capacity

Drone with video camera


360 degree preview of control room


The Shift to the Future

The edge is crucial for powering next generation content delivery

Immersive Retail

Similing woman standing at big display
  • In Store Advertising
  • Retail AR
  • Retail VR


Headphones used for computer gaming
  • Live Game Streaming
  • Immersive Gaming
  • Cloud-based Gaming


Transparent globe over skyline with hand holding cell phone
  • Video Monitoring
  • Drone Video
  • Remote Site Inspections

Smart Vehicles

Smart Vehicle
  • In Car Entertainment
  • Multimedia Streaming


Smart watch on woman's hand
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Remote Surgery
  • Ambulance Communications

Capacity Required

Future Demand

2.5billion streams x 10Mbps = ∿25,000Tbps

Today we have

2% of what is needed

Latency Required

We Need

<10 MSEC Motion-to-Photon Latency Required to Achieve Presence

Today we have

70 msec average latency in north american mobile networks

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Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud Solution

Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution delivers CDN functionality over an edge computing infrastructure, pushing the content caching and delivery as far out to the edge of the network as possible. Service providers can establish a massively distributed layer of content caching resources that enable content delivery from the closest possible location to subscribers. Each edge server is low cost and can be utilized by other virtual network function (VNF)-based services, which makes it cost effective enough to distribute throughout the service providers access network. This gives the solution an ability to scale up very rapidly without a long investment payback time.

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