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5G And MEC

Bridging Your 5G Network to the Cloud

What is MEC?

While not currently garnering as much attention as 5G, Multi-Access (Mobile) Edge Computing — or MEC — is an emerging architecture that creates a critical bridge between 5G networks and cloud computing infrastructure. By placing compute and storage resources in the Radio Access Network (RAN), mobile network operators can optimize the delivery of latency-sensitive content and services to their users.

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5G Alone Isn't Enough — MEC Means Pushing Content and Apps To The True Mobile Edge

In order for network operators to deliver on the promise of 5G, they require the complementary edge computing power of MEC. This disruptive technology is quickly gaining traction, promising to bring applications and content closer to the true network edge, a move that will reduce latency and make new services possible, while also realizing operational and cost efficiencies.

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Monetizing 5G

5G MEC transforms content delivery, allowing mobile operators to create a highly sought after network footprint that surpasses the reach and scale of traditional CDNs, creating a better value proposition, increased market share and more revenue.

Will you exploit first mover advantage by preparing your network now?

There are a number of current and emerging use cases for 5G MEC representing enormous revenue potential.

5G MEC Monetization Use Cases

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The market for virtual and augmented reality equipment and services will grow to $144B by 2027. Major players like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are investing heavily in the VR/AR ecosystem and user experience. VR promises to be one of the great use cases for monetizing 5G.

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Content Delivery

5G will drive $1.3 trillion in new revenues in media and entertainment by 2028 according to an October 2018 study by Ovum and Intel. This means a transformation in the content delivery ecosystem and an extraordinary opportunity to monetize 5G networks around the world.

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Connected Cars

The market for connected car products and services will reach $153B by 2025 with a growth rate of 33.4%. These services range from media delivery to cloud processing of diagnostics to fleet tracking to remote driving. Many of these ‘vehicle to x’ use cases require 5G network performance to run and scale effectively.

Driving New Revenues in Media and Entertainment

5G Will Drive $1.3 Trillion in New Revenues in the Media and Entertainment Industry by 2028.

Total Wireless Media Revenues

Total Wireless Media Revenues graph

Source: Ovum Logo Intel 5G: The Economics of Entertainment

5G MEC Outcomes — More Usage, More ARPU, Improved Customer Satisfaction

Through the implementation of 5G MEC, network operators will see more usage, higher APRU and improved customer satisfaction.

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