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Building Qwilt

Building a successful company is a fun and exciting journey that is comprised of so many experiences and challenges in all possible dimensions. Today is yet another exciting day for the team at Qwilt as we are starting to emerge from stealth mode and share our vision with the broader community. As you probably noticed by now from our homepage, we will keep our product under wraps at the moment.

The Online Video space is growing at a phenomenal pace and it is evident that the way people consume video content is about to completely change over the next five years as the Internet and TV platforms are practically merging. Our products will allow Internet service providers to maintain this rapid adoption rate and growth of video services while making sure that both end users and content providers are happy. We believe that using front edge technologies that involve networking, storage and video practices and experience, we will be able to offer a new breed of transparent video delivery products. These products will change the way internet networks are being architected – primarily reducing their cost and improving the quality of experience.

We founded Qwilt a couple of years ago. Making our customers happy was always a guiding principal in all the products we have developed throughout our career, in a vast range of market leading companies. We have a track record of doing so. Once we felt that we are not able to achieve it anymore, in our previous positions, we knew it is our time to start something new…! Finding good ideas is nice – developing great products is ongoing excitement and fun but it is a damn hard challenge. When you get used to it, it’s addictive though, just like sports. We are addicted. All of us had a strong feeling that it was our time – we felt that we can simply do better: better products and services for our customers, better as a team, better for the industry, better for us!

Assembling a great team is another guiding principle – easier said than done… In tech, the exact industry and problem domain may vary; compensation is always important but usually comes last in priorities – for the most talented people working with other great people on the same team and have the freedom and responsibility to develop meaningful products is the primary guiding principal….. Today, I can proudly say that the team we have assembled to date is built of the ingredients we were always dreaming of and it is the foundation for executing our vision. In addition and as important, we have the honor of working with a team of world class investors and board members – and believe me it makes a world of a difference.

As many of you often read in the news, young technology start-ups are able to create value and ‘change the world’ time after time again. Given the current scale of the Internet and the power of software development it seems that value creation will only accelerate. We are lucky to live in this time and get the opportunity to participate in this amazing evolution. The evolutionary cycles in this domain are so short, that companies and individuals have to realize how to create pure value to their customers – otherwise they are gone. This last statement can scare many – we embrace it and feel that we are gifted and are standing in front of a huge opportunity. It requires courage and leadership and I believe that we were blessed by both.

The frequency in which things have evolved over the last year is amazing and we look forward to keep this momentum going. Stay tuned!


Alon Maor
CEO, Qwilt