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Circled figures represent number of PoPs in each area.

Expansive capacity meets the all-edge network

Qwilt and Cirion are transforming content delivery across Latin America by leveraging Qwilt’s advanced Open Caching technology through deeply embedded Points of Presence (PoPs) at the carrier edge. This innovative approach optimizes content delivery by bringing it closer to end-users through Qwilt’s unique all-edge network.

This partnership combines the strengths of Qwilt’s Open Edge and Cirion’s broad LATAM network reach, introducing a groundbreaking model for content delivery. Cirion gains access to Qwilt’s modern all-edge network, enhancing delivery capacity, while Qwilt benefits from an expanded CDN footprint and Cirion’s network infrastructure.

The collaboration aims to deliver superior digital experiences to over 600 million subscribers across LATAM, setting a new benchmark for efficient and top-notch content delivery in the region and beyond.

High QoE, Happy viewers

With Qwilt’s Open Edge, deliver live streams, VoD, applications or software updates from the edge of your users’ neighborhoods.

Increase QoE and reduce buffering by getting closer to viewers to increase your subscriber base and reduce churn.

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The All-Edge Network

We’re the fabric of open edge.
Qwilt’s open architecture and inclusive business model makes local edge delivery more accessible than ever before, unlocking higher quality internet experiences.

Our Open Caching software and delivery solutions help address the dramatic growth of streaming media and the need for low latency, high scale infrastructure to support future applications.

Cirion partners with Qwilt to deploy Open Caching in Latin America

Digital Infrastructure and Technology Provider

Cirion is a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, offering a comprehensive suite of fiber network, connectivity, colocation, cloud infrastructure, and communication and collaboration solutions with the purpose of furthering Latin America´s progress through technology.

Cirion serves over 5,500 Latin America-based and multinational customers, including enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers, wireline and wireless carriers, ISPs, and other leading businesses. Cirion owns and operates a facilities-based network and data center portfolio, with extensive coverage spanning across the Latin America region. Learn more about Cirion at www.ciriontechnologies.com

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