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Qwilt is a Founding Member of the Streaming Video Alliance

Qwilt Content Delivery Sharing and Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud are fully compliant with Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching specifications.

Qwilt is a Co-Chair of the Open Caching Working Group

Open Caching has been developed through years of collaboration across the streaming ecosystem as part of the Streaming Video Alliance’s Open Caching Working Group

Open Caching Working Group Objectives

The Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching Working Group has two objectives. First, to identify the critical components of a non-proprietary caching system; and second, to establish basic architectural guidelines for implementation of an open caching system.

Qwilt has co-chaired the Alliance’s Open Caching Working Group for five years. Together with our co-chair from Disney+, we have developed, approved and published open caching specifications covering all aspects of functionality, including:

  • Request routing
  • Service provisioning
  • Logging
  • Content management


Yoav Gressel

Yoav is currently the Vice President of Research and Development at Qwilt.

Eric Klein

Eric is currently Media Delivery (Content Delivery Networks) at Disney Streaming Services (Disney+, ESPN+ )

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