The Open edge Cloud For Service Providers

The Edge Cloud Solution for Mobile, Telco and Cable Network Service Providers

The Open Edge Cloud Means New Possibilities

Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution for service providers changes the conversation. It’s a new architecture for content delivery and more. It relies on edge computing to create network capacity in a different form so you can scale for less and serve streaming content and higher quality from the edge. Furthermore, the Open Edge Cloud places you back into the content delivery value chain so you can activate new business models and revenue streams. It’s time to go to the edge.

Qwilt and Cisco Are Partnering to Enable the Service Provider Edge Cloud for Content Delivery

Telecom Argentina Deploys Qwilt

"We embrace this new [open caching-based CDN] model giving us the opportunity to work directly with the world’s major content providers to reduce operational costs, improve network capacity and elevate the streaming video quality for our customers to the level they expect."

Roberto Daniel Nobile, CEO, Telecom Argentina

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Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud Solution

Service Provider Benefits

Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud for service providers is an edge computing solution that dramatically reduces the cost of building network capacity, improves delivery quality and opens the door to new business models, customers and revenue from the OTT ecosystem.

Service Provicer Benefits Diagram
  • 1

    Cost Reduction

    Reduce network costs to build capacity for managed and OTT content delivery

  • 2

    Improved QoE

    Edge delivery means low latency, higher quality delivery of live and on demand video streams to consumers

  • 3

    Service Monetization

    New content delivery service offering for the OTT content providers

Verizon logo

Verizon Deploys Qwilt

“As demand for data and video services increases, Qwilt’s solution helps our network meet today’s demand as well as creates the scalable network necessary for the future.”

Lee Hicks, Vice President of Network Planning for Verizon

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Qwilt and Cisco Are Partnering to Enable the Service Provider Edge Cloud for Content Delivery

This full stack, turn-key, managed content delivery solution is offered through a partnership with Cisco and Qwilt, combining Qwilt’s innovative content delivery platform – based on Open Caching – with Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) and Nexus 9000 switches for edge compute and critical networking infrastructure.


“Streaming video may be the killer app for the internet, but it doesn’t have to KILL the internet. With streaming video expected to represent north of 80% of traffic flowing through service provider networks in the coming years, content delivery is the first of potentially many services they can deploy from within to monetize their edge footprint in the 5G era. Marking this milestone together with Qwilt and Digital Alpha to enable edge cloud services for service providers, we can change the economics of the internet for the future, and help customers such as BT manage video traffic more effectively.”

Jonathan Davidson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mass Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco

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Going to the Edge

Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution delivers CDN functionality over an edge computing infrastructure, pushing the content caching and delivery as far out to the edge of the network as possible. Service providers can establish a massively distributed layer of content caching resources that enable content delivery from the closest possible location to subscribers. Each edge server is low cost and can be utilized by other virtual network function (VNF)-based services, which makes it cost effective enough to distribute throughout the service providers access network. This gives the solution an ability to scale up very rapidly without a long investment payback time.

Open Edge Cloud Solution Diagram

Elements of Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud

Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud Solution consists of four elements:

Qwilt Cloud (QC)

Qwilt Cloud Logo

Qwilt Edge Node (QN)

Qwilt Edge Node Logo

Cloud APIs)

Cloud API's logo

Management / Analytics

Management / Analytics logo

QC is the cloud-based control plane. QC works with Qwilt Edge Nodes (QNs), which are the delivery arm of the Qwilt solution and consist of software caches deployed on commodity server hardware located at the network edge. QC includes Cloud APIs which allow service providers and third party content publishers access to the solution for content delivery and reporting. The solution also includes a management/analytics interface.

BT Deploys Qwilt

"At BT we connect for good and streaming video has never been more important than in today’s challenging times. Our mission at BT is to ensure our customers have the best experience every time and with record levels of streaming we needed to disrupt the status quo. Qwilt’s pioneering open caching platform together with Cisco’s cloud infrastructure gives BT the first 5G MEC capability in the UK to deliver premium quality video and on demand services.”

Neil McRae, Chief Architect, Managing Director for Architecture and Technology Strategy, BT

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Neil McRae explains BT's decision to transition to Open Caching:

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Open Edge Cloud – 4 in 1 Edge Solution

Managed CDN + Open Caching + Transparent Caching + Multicast ABR

The Open Edge Cloud solution can support four content delivery-related services, including:

Managed CDN

Allows the MNO to utilize CDN services for its own content.

Open caching

Allows for 3rd-party access to CDN services via open APIs.

Transparent caching

Extends CDN services to transparent delivery of all types of media, including video on demand, live streaming, and software updates.

Multicast Adaptive Bitrate (M-ABR)

Allows streaming of live content over a MNO’s closed multicast infrastructure.

TIM logo

Telecom Italia Deploys Qwilt

Telecom Italia deployed Qwilt’s open caching solution to boost network capacity and improve quality of over-the-top (OTT) streaming video for its more than 30 million customers in Italy.

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