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Out of stealth – Ready to compete and win!

Since our inception at Qwilt, we have been extensively dealing with the parallel efforts of customer and product development. While this is probably the healthiest situation for a start-up, it is extremely challenging at the same time. We had an initial version of our Video Analytics product deployed with one ISP customer, even before we closed our series-A of financing. Since then we’ve engaged with more than 70 customers worldwide and have iterated with multiple software versions tested daily in live customer networks. We are currently performing deployments and trials with over 10 ISPs in Europe, Asia and the United States.

We now feel that we’ve gained the required critical mass to step out of stealth and start competing at large. What we’ve learned from customers is that there is a strong need for the product that we’ve built, and today, we are excited to be launching our QB-Series product and share our broader vision with the industry.

Mobile, Cable and Wireline network operators are starting to develop new strategies for Internet video. They are carefully watching the exponential growth of Internet video in their networks and are looking for effective ways to cope with it. We believe that data networks should be re-architected for online video – we envision that in few years’ time, the majority of the video traffic in the internet will be served directly from the subscriber edge rather than from the network’s core. The QB-Series has been designed from the ground up, in order to allow carriers to accomplish this vision at scale, with minimal disruption and maximum investment protection.

The first product launch is an important milestone in every company story – it certainly is for us. The network infrastructure space hasn’t experienced a lot of innovation and venture capital investments over the last decade. We feel that network operators are calling for new innovative technologies and products – our sights are set at delivering exactly that, while ensuring that our potential customers will always be satisfied with the products we’ve built.

We are proud of what we were able to accomplish so far. However, we expect even more exciting and rewarding times in the coming months and years. The next peak in our journey is already ahead of us and it is certainly much higher than the current one

Stay tuned!