Open Edge Cloud Connectivity Platform

The Qwilt Cloud - QC - delivers cloud management, edge node connectivity and open publisher APIs which ensure intelligent orchestration of in-network edge cloud resources.

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Qwilt's Open Edge Cloud Platform

Cloud Management - Just Sit Back and Relax

Think of QC as the brains behind the operation - all our QN software nodes connect to QC and allow us to proactively monitor and manage them, without needing to install any expensive management controllers inside your network. Cloud-powered Qwilt management and control provide you with increased resilience, simplicity and scalability that is secure, fast and reliable.

Unified Open API to 3rd Party Publishers and CDNs

Third Party Publisher and CDN Global API Platform

Qwilt and the Streaming Video Alliance are driving standards based on open APIs.
The result is no vendor lock-in with an open opportunity to connect with any CDN or Publisher – private or commercial.
Now publishers and CDNs can get unified access to multiple network operators instead of requiring 100s of custom integrations.
The open API architecture also provides access to aggregate global CDN capacity for that extra boost just when you need it.

Edge Cloud Connectivity Services

QC provides operators and the content ecosystem with secured, multi-tenant access to the complete range of services required to leverage the potential of edge cloud. This starts from discovering where and when a resource is available, all the way to making sure that content was fully and rapidly delivered to the users.


Edge Cloud Resource Discovery Function

QC's edge cloud discovery maintains a real-time map of all edge cloud node resources and capabilities as well as identifiers and provisioning information. QC continuously monitors all nodes providing an aggregated view of footprint, capacity and capabilities for delegating publishers and CDNs to create delivery services for their content and applications.


Edge Cloud Content Control Function

Content control functionality enables delivery service provisioning and operations for tasks such as cache key calculation, URL signing, content invalidation and purging and content prepositioning


Edge Cloud Unified Analytics Function

Single pane of glass view of delivery service across providers generating actionable insights for edge cloud delivery services.


Edge Cloud Unified Logging Function

Log streaming of delegated content and application delivery services encompassing transactional, billing and relevant troubleshooting log entries all from a central aggregated source.

Request Routing

Edge Cloud Request Routing Function

Request routing functionality enables content entities, both publishers and commercial CDNs, to delegate a UA request to service provider edge cloud resources for delivery. The result enables local low-latency delivery of content by edge cloud nodes in close proximity to the consumer.

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