Frost & Sullivan – Video QoE: Managing the Video Tidal Wave for Quality and Profit

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In a highly competitive market where end user satisfaction ranks among top differentiators, subscriber video QoE is king. And as the amount of video traffic continues to increase, many end users experience degraded video and broadband service quality due to network congestion, especially during peak consumption periods, resulting in subscriber dissatisfaction and the subsequent customer turnover.

By using open caching and serving the majority of popular video content from the network edge, service providers can vastly improve the end user experience by significantly reducing the impact of OTT traffic traversing their networks. Placing the majority of bandwidth-intensive media content in close proximity to the subscribers reduces the network congestion caused by traversing video traffic, minimizes video delivery latency, preserves content provider fidelity, and frees up bandwidth for other services to further improve overall customer satisfaction.

Download the report excerpt to learn how Qwilt’s open caching and media analytics solutions dramatically improve the subscriber experience and help service providers prepare their networks for the future of online video.

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