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A New Architecture & Business Model

The way we consume video has changed and content delivery must change with it. Today’s content has very demanding requirements, including massive peak capacity, very low latency and high bandwidth. Streaming video consumption has overtaken traditional broadcast TV in many regions, and new applications – such as gaming, immersive experiences, and IoT – are coming online rapidly. And then there’s the Metaverse.

To answer the needs of a new generation of content experiences, Qwilt has created a new architecture and business model that not only meet consumer demands and publisher requirements, but offer service providers operational and monetary benefits.

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Qwilt’s Global CDN

Qwilt has been working for a number of years to build out a global, federated CDN that delivers superior quality and we’re reaching a critical mass. We’re bringing together service providers and content publishers to improve the digital experiences for consumers around the world. Through our longstanding work with the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA), we have helped develop open caching specifications, which have enabled us to build out a broad, collaborative ecosystem; and our partnership with Cisco has accelerated our ability to deploy infrastructure.

The open caching ecosystem is a virtuous cycle – as each service provider joins our global, federated CDN, the benefits to content publishers increase, allowing them to reach more viewers; as more publishers come on board, the viewing experience becomes measurably better for consumers, increasing the demand for streaming, and the service providers recognize the operational and monetary benefits. And so on. This virtuous cycle is working now and will continue to grow, unlocking the value of the network and continuing to improve the streaming experience for users around the world.

Quality from the Carrier Edge

Jesper Knutsson, Qwilt’s CRO, explains our relationship with service providers and how Qwilt’s Edge Cloud provides a competitive, sustained solution offering the features and flexibility to provide value today and into the future. From streaming video to downloads to the coming immersive experiences, your partnership with Qwilt will generate revenue for your operation, while ensuring you continue to deliver difference for your subscribers from the carrier edge.

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Learn how Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud for service providers opens new possibilities for high-quality content delivery and puts you back in the content delivery value chain.