With Qwilt’s Content Delivery Solution, your downloads are delivered from the edge, making it quick, flawless and secure, allowing eager users in action quickly.

Upgrade your users from the edge


Deliver software downloads locally

Don’t let your major software releases get stuck in the delivery traffic jam. Make sure they reach your users quickly, seamlessly, and without adding stress on the delivery networks and peering points. Take it to the edge.

Deliver software updates fast

When you launch major new software patches to clients around the world, massive and simultaneous downloads cause stress on the networks and create bottlenecks at peering points. This excess traffic results in degraded performance and could interrupt downloads.

Using Qwilt’s Content Delivery Solution, your downloads are delivered from edge nodes installed within service providers’ networks, making the process quick, flawless and secure, while getting eager users in action quickly.

Unique Benefits of Qwilt’s Content Delivery Solution

Through unmatched partnerships with service providers around the globe, Qwilt offers a better business model for the delivery of your downloads, providing the highest delivery quality and scalability for your software releases, while putting you back in control.

Faster delivery


Because we’re closer

This means

  • Lower latency, faster response times and transactions
  • Faster Time-to-First-Byte, optimization of web vitals
  • Superior quality digital experiences for your users

And your business will

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve security with quicker delivery of cybersecurity patches
  • Lower pressure on the networks, promoting a trustful relationship with service providers
More control

More Control

Because we use SVTA APIs

This means

  • Unique, SVTA-compliant open APIs
  • Extensive API configurability
  • Event-driven content and control
  • Comprehensive content control, feature activation through API calls

And your business will

  • Improve feature/product/service agility and responsiveness
  • Decrease time to market for new software
Better business model

Better business model

Because we work directly with Service Providers

This means

  • More delivery capacity when and where you need it
  • More flexibility in usage, terms
  • Direct support from service providers

And your business will

  • Provide better experiences for your users
  • Gain the ability to deliver mass downloads quickly

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