Open Edge CDN for Network Operators

A private CDN that works. Simply.

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Your content delivered in stunning quality to any screen? Now you can.

The Open Edge Cloud enables you to build a private CDN to distribute your content so your subscribers always get the same great, TV-like experience regardless of where they are or which device they're streaming on.



Legacy Approach for CDN Infrastructure

  • 1. Provision the infrastructure.
  • 2. Ops will need to engineer for scalability and uptime.
  • 3. Connect all controllers and components.
  • 4. Upgrade each component.
  • 5. Test each upgrade component.
  • 6. Repeat.



(Re)imagine Infrastructure with Qwilt

Deploy QN software nodes into the network.
Let us do the rest.
Confirm settings via secure, cloud-based dashboard.

100% Cloud-Managed Operator CDN

Our customers deploy on-net Qwilt cache software, and this software connects over the Internet to Qwilt’s datacenters. We have cloud presence points around the world, and servers inside these datacenters do the heavy lifting of managing, monitoring, and maintaining your network.

There’s no overlay management software or hardware like traditional CDNs that you need to deploy onsite. It’s all in the cloud. As an administrator, you manage your network through a secure, browser-based dashboard, so you have visibility and control of your entire network.



Legacy Approach for CDN Operations

  • 1. Get your analysts to model future usage patterns.
  • 2. Pad the estimate and start the paperwork.
  • 3. Build a business case to reflect a future return.
  • 4. Restart the process for flash events.
  • 5. Procure new hardware and software and plumbing.



(Re)imagine Scaling with Qwilt

Spin up cloud node software and press "Go".
Scale up on demand.

Living on The Edge

We have years of experience deploying hundreds of edge cloud nodes at the true edge of the network, often just a few miles away from your subscribers. We understand the complexities of true edge deployments and have architected our software for the unique requirements of the edge: smallest footprint, maximum performance, supreme resilience and simplest operational model possible.

Telco Grade / Open Source Core

The core technology powering our CDN was originally designed and built by operators. This core is actively delivering multiple Tbps of traffic daily. We've built upon this core and enhanced it with the latest and greatest in web-scale technology, combining cloud-powered Qwilt management and control. With great emphasis on simplicity and ease-of-management, as well as the increased resilience and scalability offered by the cloud, we created an extremely fast, reliable and secure CDN solution that can fit your needs as a service provider, regardless of your size.

Open Edge CDN Key Features


100% cloud-managed, single-pane-of-glass management interface

QC enables operators to access a centralized dashboard and management system that continuously monitors all edge nodes that are part of a CDN deployment. QC provides single-pane-of-glass monitoring and real-time analytics capabilities, as well as streaming services for raw access logs from the entire CDN footprint.


Multiple content ingest and delivery capabilities

Open Edge CDN supports all leading video streaming formats including MSS, HLS, HDS and DASH.
Content can be streamed over HTTP, HTTPS, QUIC and HTTP 1.1 / 2.0 with support for GZIP compression.
We have support for shared or custom SSL certs and custom CNAMEs.


Flexible deployment and routing options

Open Edge CDN supports multiple cache hierarchies that can be tailored to your individual network and content library design. Requests can be routed using HTTP or DNS while leveraging intelligent cache selection based on load, location, coverage zones, and geo restrictions.


Multiple customization options ensuring your content is delivered with precision

Open Edge CDN supports quick content invalidation and purging as well as custom delivery service configurations that allow you to customize delivery services for your consumers and your content offering.

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