Edge Cloud for Fixed Line Operators

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A digital entertainment revolution is underway. Is your network ready?

Cable and Telecom networks need a new architecture to support streaming media. The Open Edge Cloud provides operators a superior content delivery network architecture which leverages common compute and storage and intelligent software to scale delivery capacity and increases quality of experience across a wide range of applications - from video, through VR and online gaming.

Quality of Experience - Closer is Better

When it comes to streaming content and applications, proximity is king. By delivering content from edge nodes closer to the consumers, CDNs and publishers are able to overcome congestion hotspots while reducing overall latency, resulting in vastly improved subscriber QoE.

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Key Factors Affecting QoE

In a highly competitive market where end user satisfaction ranks among top differentiators, Quality of Experience (QoE) reigns supreme. And as streaming media traffic continues to increases, subscriber QoE degrades due to network congestion, especially during peak consumption periods – resulting in increased subscriber dissatisfaction and churn.


Overwhelming volume of traffic disrupts video streams, especially at peak hours.


HD video consumes a lot more bandwidth, and today’s networks are unprepared.


Slow startup times and buffering delays result in viewer abandonment and dissatisfaction.

Monetize Your Network - Become A Key Part of the Content Delivery Value Chain

Open Edge Cloud enables service providers to own and monetize video and application delivery in their networks. By leveraging an open API to 3rd party publishers and CDNs, service providers can establish the final content delivery fabric, one that is closest to the subcribers and can deliver the lowest latency highest throughput delivery experience.

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Your Customers Love Online Video

The shift from traditional broadcast television to online video is unstoppable. Consumer demand for streaming video is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Only network operators equipped with the right architecture and tools will have the visibility and control needed to solve the online video problem, These operators will be able to give customers the performance and quality of experience they want.

Cache and Deliver Bandwidth Intensive Content


Cache and deliver popular content from the hottest video streaming sites.


Stream on-demand content from the operator’s own VOD library.


Introducing the first live stream caching solution for online video in the industry.


No more network congestion on Patch Tuesdays or iOS launch days.

Media Intelligence

Cloud-based traffic analysis tools help operators gain visibility into media and content delivery traffic across a wide range of sources, volumes, consumption patterns and trends. The result is valuable insight to better manage and monetize your network.

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