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Student body binge watching “Breaking Bad”?
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Today, video is already consuming roughly 70% of your university’s network bandwidth – most of the consumption is for similar, binge-watched content.

By deploying an open caching solution, universities can scale their network efficiently for this demand while understanding OTT video traffic sources, volumes, consumption and trends.

"We have had Qwilt in place for 6 months. It’s rock solid. Currently serves close to 1GBps of video peak per day which is about 65% of our total video. 90% is Netflix. The iOS 8.0 release was a non-event for us because Qwilt cached it..our average user was able to upgrade in 25 minutes. Company is small but they are great to work with. Had it setup in about 2-3 hours and since doesn’t sit in line, no outage putting it in. Let it sit for a week and “learn” all the stuff to cache, then turned it on and got immediate savings.”

Jason Sebastiani

Principal Network Engineer, GCU


Your Students Love Online Video

Student demand for streaming video from sites like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube is growing at a phenomenal rate.
You need the right network architecture in place so that your network can scale for this growing demand while giving your students the performance and quality of experience they want.

Is "video time" for most students

Why Should Universities Deploy an Open Caching Solution?

100% Cloud Managed

Our customers deploy on-net Qwilt QN software nodes, and this software connects over the Internet to Qwilt’s cloud. We do the heavy lifting of managing, monitoring, and maintaining these edge cloud nodes, making sure they're giving you the most performance for your unique needs. We also take care of management scaling using the cloud's elastic scaling capabilities.

There’s no overlay management software or hardware like traditional networking solutions that you need to deploy on site. It’s all in the cloud.

Software that runs on anything

We designed our software in a way that enables it to squeeze the most performance from any computing platform you may have. We understand that many people like to run different types of server infrastructure, so we made it easy for you to install and adapt the software to your individual needs. Qwilt’s unified solution is completely vendor-agnostic, and does not require special integrations or customization to become a functional component of the existing network infrastructure.

Big power in small packages

Qwilt’s QN software delivers the highest performance per rack unit of any other cache solutions, resulting in a smaller footprint than any competing solution. Unlike legacy caching solutions comprised of disparate detection, caching, and storage components, Qwilt’s QN does more with less by combining all required functionality into a single, integrated platform that requires a fraction of rack space and power consumption of competing products.

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