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Delivering the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Open Caching

Gaming infrastructure is being pushed to the limit.

With 3 billion regular gamers globally — nearly 50% on mobile — networks are under intense pressure. Not only is the gaming community expanding, chasing interactive excitement and multi-million dollar prizes, but a new generation of bandwidth-intensive gaming experiences is emerging.

Performance is more crucial than ever.

With AR, VR and metaverse applications coming online, the network plays a critical role and can make or break the gaming experience. Open caching moves content closer to users, ensuring a consistently exceptional experience that keeps gamers gaming.

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Open Caching Brings the Game Closer

From peak downloads, to peak play, today’s gaming ecosystem is being asked to support many demands. In order to meet these demands, a new model is needed, bringing creators and delivery networks together to ensure the best possible gaming experience. Already proven in the streaming universe, the Service Provider Edge Cloud — powered by Qwilt Open Caching — brings content closer to gamers at the edge of the network, enabling a new generation of experiences.

Whether you’re looking to improve today’s multiplayer gaming experience or preparing for the coming metaverse, with open caching on your side, it’s game on!