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2024 live streaming survey by Qwilt - Set Up for Respondents

2024 Report: Global Content Provider Live Streaming Survey – Now Available for Download

Qwilt conducted a survey of 250+ content publishers in which they were presented with questions various streaming aspects of the recent live NFL Wild Card Game and how they would prepare for and execute a massive streaming-only event. The NFL Wild Card Game was streamed by Peacock and the reported viewership was 16.3 million concurrent devices.

Download this report to find out what their greatest technical concerns were regarding video delivery, expected average bit rate and much more.

As OTT sports viewing and other live-streamed events become the norm, make sure you have all the information you need to ensure fans have the best live viewing experience imaginable – as if they were there.

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Live Stream to Mass Audiences

Live streaming at scale is hard. And as more and more massive events move to streaming, the importance of getting it right is growing. Delivering the best live-viewing experience is increasingly in the hands of the service providers, and open caching offers the architecture required to meet the expectations of the most avid and discerning fans today, while providing a roadmap for future innovation as online audiences continue to grow.

Explore these resources to learn how streaming from the network edge offers a path to delivering the broadcast quality that viewers expect, whether you’re live streaming sports, news, concerts, red carpet events or multi-player games.


Check out the 2022 live streaming survey report for Qwilt (to access the 2024 report, please fill the form above):