Unleash the power of the Qwilt and Cirion partner for your content delivery
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Transforming Content Delivery Across LATAM: Unleashing the Power of the Qwilt/Cirion Partnership

Partnerships often catalyze ground-breaking innovations, especially in the content delivery space. For this reason, we’re thrilled to announce a pivotal breakthrough in our quest to build the largest content delivery network across Latin America and across the world, through our new strategic partnership with Cirion Technologies.

At the forefront of this collaboration is a vision to transform content delivery. Cirion Technologies, a distinguished leader in digital infrastructure and technology services across Latin America, boasts an expansive network infrastructure comprising over 50,000 kilometers of terrestrial long-haul and metropolitan fiber optics. This extensive network establishes a strong foundation for content delivery with a vast reach, large capacity, low latency connections, and high reliability. 

Qwilt’s role in this partnership is bringing more innovation to Cirion by deploying our caching software and web services to every node across the Cirion network and expanding the reach of the combined CDN through our deeply embedded Points of Presence (PoPs) at the carrier edge. This approach enables content publishers to deliver their content locally to end-users, optimizing content delivery by moving the delivery process right to the network edge, closer to end users than ever before. Our partnership combines the best of two great assets – Qwilt’s unique all-edge network of edge nodes and the unrivaled, region-wide LATAM network reach of Cirion. This combination marks an entirely new model for content delivery that will serve today’s needs across Latin America and open new opportunities for tomorrow.

Through our partnership, Cirion gains access to Qwilt’s modern, all-edge CDN footprint covering Latin America, leveraging Qwilt’s advanced Open Caching technology to significantly expand delivery capacity across the region. We’re deploying 17 PoP locations across nine LATAM countries, with a capacity of over 7,050 Gbps. 

Simultaneously, Qwilt benefits from an expanded region wide CDN footprint, full peering coverage throughout LATAM, and Cirion’s extensive network infrastructure. Together, we dramatically advance our ability to deliver unparalleled digital experiences to more than 600 million subscribers across LATAM.

The true essence of this partnership lies in the benefits it brings to content publishers and application developers globally. This expanded all-edge network provides superior CDN performance and more delivery capacity, while consumers enjoy faster load times, smoother streaming, and great digital experiences. However, this collaboration isn’t just about technological advancements – it’s a path to unlocking a better model for how content is accessed, experienced, and delivered across Latin America. It’s a commitment to shaping the future of content delivery for all. It’s about setting a new benchmark that prioritizes seamless, efficient, and top-notch performance for all users and content providers in Latin America and beyond.

We’re incredibly proud of our journey so far and – especially today – this exciting partnership between Qwilt and Cirion. Our journey will continue to be driven by vision, innovation, collaboration, and our unwavering commitment to delivering connected experiences in the quality they were imagined.

Cirion partners with Qwilt to deploy Open Caching, improving streaming services in Latin America.
Cirion and Qwilt Partner to Revolutionize Content Delivery Services Throughout Latin America
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