Open Caching in Action: Diffusing the spikes of streaming - Panelists speaking

Panel : Open Caching in Action Diffusing the Spikes of Streaming

Watch the fascinating panel discussion between Jonathan Candee, CCO at Qwilt, Sanjay Mishra, Associate Fellow at Verizon, and Michael Fay, former SVP of Media Distribution and Infrastructure at Disney Streaming.

Together, they delve into the content distribution value chain and, importantly, the growing role of Open Caching within it. They also explore several real-world Open Caching use cases, along with results that show the impact it’s having in improving the quality of experience for viewers.

Recorded at NAB Show 2024.

During the panel, real-world use cases were discussed, showcasing how Verizon’s network efficiency and the NCTC’s service to 30+ million US households have benefited from Open Caching. By placing content closer to end-users, we’re reducing network congestion and enhancing streaming quality, even in underserved regions.

Explore further Open Caching insights in this blog by Jonathan Candee.

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