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Content Delivery Sharing Garners Broad Industry Recognition

Innovating in cloud, edge computing, OTT tech – it’s been a busy and exciting year here at Qwilt as we’ve been sharing our vision of the Edge Cloud with service providers and content publishers around the world, and rolling out the latest innovation built on Qwilt’s Edge Cloud architecture – Content Delivery Sharing (CDS). This unique solution is gaining a lot of attention from content publishers, as well as the industry at large.

In the last few months CDS has been recognized by several organizations, and their expert panels of judges, with finalist nods, shortlistings and high scores for a variety of awards. Thanks to Light Reading, CSI Magazine, Broadband Technology Report and DigitalTV Europe for their recognition of our new content delivery solution in cloud, edge computing and OTT categories. And the winner of the OTT TV Technology of the Year honor in the VideoTech Innovations Awards is still to be announced on December 3, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a big win to close out the year.

Qwilt Content Delivery Sharing - 2019 Awards

What Makes Content Delivery Sharing So Special?

Qwilt’s Content Delivery Sharing is a unique approach to content delivery over the Internet, using the same sharing economy model made famous by Uber and others. Unlike the CDN model, with Content Delivery Sharing the edge computing resources are owned and operated by the last mile service providers, not by Qwilt, and the delivery function is collaborative between content publishers and service providers instead of contentious as in CDN-ISP peering agreements. Qwilt, like Uber, provides the enabling technology for this model – edge node software, cloud services and APIs – which serve as the control plane that matches requests for content delivery “riders” with ISP network-based caches ready to deliver “drivers.” This innovative approach disrupts the 20-year-old CDN business model and solves the looming delivery capacity gap problem. Watch our new video to learn more about CDS.

Qwilt Content Delivery Sharing - Dan Rayburn

Based on Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution for service providers, CDS establishes real collaboration between service providers and publishers – a relationship only possible because of Qwilt’s years of work establishing a global network of ISPs. By working together, content publishers bypass the peering bottleneck, lower delivery costs, improve performance, and ensure delivery capacity will quickly scale as OTT usage grows exponentially. Service providers benefit by offloading their network infrastructure, reducing their peering capacity requirements at major interconnection points, controlling resources inside their networks, and receiving delivery fees that previously went to CDNs. Win-win!

Both CDS and the Open Edge Cloud are compliant with the Streaming Video Alliance’s Open Caching specifications which define how publishers can use in-ISP network cache resources for content delivery. Specifications for Open Caching were developed and unanimously approved by the Alliance’s membership, which includes content publishers, service providers, CDNs and technology companies representing the end-to-end streaming ecosystem. You can download all of the Alliances’ Open Caching documents here.

So, you can see why CDS is gaining traction with mega media companies like Globo, and attracting recognition from industry experts. Look for more to come!