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The evolution of networking, storage and processing

As internet video consumption becomes main stream CTOs and network architects are trying to envision the evolution of carrier networks with an outlook of 3-5 year ahead.

We at Qwilt have a very crisp vision about the need to distribute the most popular content to the subscriber edge and have content distribution as an integral part of the carrier network.

There has been a lot of discussion about Forrester’s CEO Le Web presentation about the ‘End of the web?’ While this is an intriguing discussion, one topic that definitely struck a cord was the slide below as it has a huge bearing on the future of content networking.

The chart above draws from Moore’s Law and depicts the relative performance growth of Storage (S), Processing (P) and Networking (N) over time. As can be seen, networking performance is growing far slower than the performance of both storage and processing.
Given the exponential growth of video in carrier networks and the rising need to reduce the cost of scaling these networks in the years to come, developing products that will leverage these technology trends will prevail economically.

Qwilt’s Video Delivery Products are being designed with this in mind mixing the best of all three worlds and will allow carriers to benefit from the growth curves as they design their networks for the future.

Food for thought for a great new year ahead of us.