Qwilt showcases Open Edge Cloud for Content Delivery achievements at NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas

Qwilt showcases Open Edge Cloud for Content Delivery achievements at NAB Show 2024

REDWOOD CITY, Calif, – April 11, 2024 – Ahead of NAB Show 2024, Qwilt announces several new milestones achieved by its rapidly expanding Open Edge network. Since this time last year, the company, already known for the successful federation of hundreds of service provider networks, has grown to include over 1000 PoPs, deeply embedded within the last mile of ISPs around the globe. This makes Qwilt the world’s largest federated edge cloud. 

The native content delivery service of Qwilt’s edge cloud is now the world’s largest network deployment that is compliant with the Streaming Video Technology Alliance’s (SVTA) Open Caching specifications. Through SVTA-compliant open APIs, content publishers can quickly onboard to Qwilt’s global network, with ground-breaking configurability, visibility, and control options.

Having unlocked significant advantages in content delivery, Qwilt has outperformed all other CDNs across several measures including buffering time, faster Time To First Frame (TTFF). It’s the reason it is being added to leading content providers’ multi-CDN environments and is attracting many of the most popular streaming platforms. Exhibiting with edge infrastructure partner Cisco in the West Hall (#W2743), Qwilt will demonstrate the power of the Open Edge solution specifically for media delivery to NAB Show 2024 visitors.

“From live and on demand video to gaming and software downloads, our edge cloud is ideal for today’s content streaming and application delivery workloads,” said Alon Maor, CEO at Qwilt. “Together with our content and service providers partners, we are committed to expanding our all-edge network, which provides the global infrastructure essential for today’s streaming capacity demands and the immersive experiences of tomorrow. NAB Show attendees will see first-hand how our unique ecosystem unites content and service providers to better serve their joint customers today and into the future.” 

By making the edge more accessible, content publishers can immediately benefit from hyper-local performance and deliver content closer to users, enabling a superior quality of experience for all. These benefits become even greater in the content delivery situations that have historically caused the most stress and demand. In instances of the most popular live streamed events and major software updates, Qwilt’s all-edge platform bypasses congestion at peering and exchange points, often offloading over 99% of core and metro traffic, and resulting in higher quality performance, lower latency and bandwidth consumption, and fewer bottlenecks than other CDNs.

Qwilt’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Candee, will be sharing real experiences and results of some of the earliest carrier and content provider adaptors of Open Caching during a speaking session at the NAB Show Connect Zone. He joins Verizon’s Associate Fellow for Network Infrastructure Planning & Design, Sanjay Mishra, and Industry Consultant Michael Fay. The session, ‘Open Caching in Action: Diffusing the Spikes of Streaming’ takes place on Monday, April 15, 11:30am PT in the Connect Zone: Tech Chat Theater. 

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